I worked as a Product Designer for Consensus: the social card game where majority rules! from 2019 to 2020. There had already been a previous design for the product, but I was given full creative freedom to establish a brand new product branding and design from scratch. With my help, Consensus was over 250% funded within less than a day of our launch. As of today, there are a total of 158 backers and $5000+ pledged for the product on Kickstarter.

Below are some of the other graphics I designed to populate our Kickstarter campaign. These posters communicated a large range of messages, such as: budget, production timeline, testimonials, reward tiers, point systems, and stretch goals. Overall, the challenge was to draw as many people into the product within the quickest amount of time by communicating large amounts of information as efficiently as possible. With how we accomplished our funding goal within less than a day of our launch, I'd like to think that we overcame this goal with overwhelming success!

And that concludes my work with Consensus! It was my first time having full creative freedom over a product, especially as I worked as the sole designer. I learned so much from this experience and, after the initial learning curve of establishing a branding from scratch, really enjoyed expanding the designs and learning to be more dynamic with my style. This flexibility was illustrated when we introduced NSFW and Silicon Valley expansion packs into the game, with yellow and red accents now entering the usual blue color schemes. All these opportunities gave me the chance to experiment and grow a lot, and I am overjoyed to have something concrete that I can hold and say "I designed this!"

If you'd like to see more, make sure to check out Consensus's Kickstarter campaign and Youtube promotion video!